Message from Gerard Seaman, Championship Manager

The T.R.O.A would like to thank Galway Motor Club and indeed the C.O.C of this year’s Colm Quinn BMW Galway International Rally, Kieran Donohue for the efforts that have been made to run this year’s event despite the most adverse weather conditions. In the last week the Galway region has been hit hard by the storms which in turn has caused flooding and damage especially to the area which hosts the Saturday stages. The club have put a tremendous effort in and will run the event this coming weekend. We would urge all crews and spectators alike to view the Galway Motor club website for any changes made. Galway Motor Club have really put the word sport back into Motorsport and we urge all fans who come out to see the best in the business of Irish Rallying, and to obey the marshals who give up their time free of charge so that this event can take place. Certainly Galway is the place to be this coming weekend and we look forward to the action that will be provided.


Gerard Seaman,

Championship Manager,


Phone:  023 882 0000

Mobile: 087 2204650