Frank Debuts BMW M3

2016 Irish Tarmac Historic Rally Champion Frank Cunningham will debut his stunning BMW M3 on this weekends Galway International Rally. The car only arrived in Ireland on Tuesday evening leaving him very little time to acclimatise. Saying that, Frank has a wealth of experience in different machinery and he will certainly be in the mix. The sight and sound of the M3 will surly be a delight this weekend.

Interestingly, rumour has it that a certain well known co-driver may be at the wheel of Frank’s Escort this weekend. We all know that Frank was very competitive in the car, Ray proved he could drive it in the Cork 20 all be it he put the smallest dent in the rear. (said it would be repaired before Frank would see it!!) how will it perform in Galway?

Unfortunately for Ernie Graham and the spectators he will not have his Fisher replica M3 in Galway. Instead Ernie will wheel out his trusty Mk1 Escort with daughter Anne calling the shots. Modest as ever Ernie will play down his chances, but be sure if he gets a clean run he will be there or thereabouts.

Welch raider Gareth Lloyd is making a welcome return to the Tarmac Championship in 2017. Gareth thrilled the crowds in 2015 as he fought a season long battle with Ernie Graham. If he can get back into the tarmac groove, Gareth will be difficult to beat this weekend.

Andy Johnston once again wheels out his trusty Chevette. Andy had a good result in Killarney scoring third place Championship points. No doubt if all goes well Andy will be fighting to top the podium.

Another car that should thrill the spectators is Keith McIvor’s Porsche 911 RS. Keith started the season in Killarney driving his Escort and has now switched to the Porsche for Galway.

Barry Jones and David Goose are both making the trip across the Irish Sea to Galway. Don’t be fooled by their finishing positions in Killarney, both drivers suffered problems on the event without which they would have been battling for the podium positions.

All in all the Historic Galway rally promises to be a real ding dong battle, Porsche, M3, Escorts and Chevette, don’t miss it!