Caldwell gets Rally Spain prize drive with M-Sport Poland

Press release by M-Sport Poland

Ryan Caldwell will mark a new chapter in his rally career this weekend, making his international debut on Rally Spain in the ERC4 category thanks to winning a prize drive through M-Sport Poland and the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship. 
20 year-old Caldwell claimed the prize drive thanks to ending the 2022 ITRC as the highest placed Fiesta Rally4 driver, claiming two RC4 victories and six RC4 podiums in the 2022 ITRC. The prize package highlights M-Sport Poland’s commitment to rewarding and supporting the next generation of rally talent.
The prize package sees Caldwell head out to Rally Spain with co-driver Grace O’Brien for the 2022 European Rally Championship finale in a factory prepared M-Sport Poland Fiesta Rally4. The ERC has become the first step for young drivers to take to experience international rallying for their first time, with longer event mileages compared to national events and notably more media coverage and interest. 
The added bonus for Caldwell is he will also be experiencing WRC stages for his first time as well, with Rally Spain acting as both an ERC and WRC round in 2022 with ERC running to a shortened itinerary. In all, it presents Caldwell with a golden opportunity to start understanding how international rallies run, as well as the level of competition that he will have to get used to if he wants to succeed. With a leap in the level of performance, it will also be a great opportunity for Caldwell to work with M-Sport Poland to develop as a driver, and help increase his understanding of setting up his Fiesta Rally4.
Maciej Woda, M-Sport Poland Managing Director, said:

“It is vitally important for young drivers to get onto the international rallying scene as soon as they get their first opportunity so that they can begin building their knowledge and experience.

“Ryan has demonstrated in Ireland this year that he has the speed and talent, but also the consistency. Scoring six podiums from eight rounds is very impressive as well as four top-ten overall results in the ITRC.

“This opportunity highlights M-Sport Poland is committed to rewarding young drivers like Ryan, who are able to steer their Fiesta Rally4 cars to impressive results on national events across Europe.

“I’ll be interested to see how Ryan gets on in Spain, the most important aim at this stage is to get the experience and finish the rally while understanding the level of pace and commitment at the sharp end of the ERC4 field.”
Ryan Caldwell, 2022 ITRC 3 champion, said:

“It’s a bit of a dream come true to be able to make my ERC debut so early in my career, especially with an M-Sport Poland prepared Fiesta Rally4 supported by the ITRC.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to the ITRC and M-Sport Poland for this opportunity. At this stage of my career, I really couldn’t ask for more, I’m super excited and can’t wait to get started in Spain.

“I am looking forward to meeting the team and working together for me to learn as much as I can from the team and about the Fiesta Rally4.”

Photo by Roger Dawson