M-Sport to support ITRC’s R2 drivers with 2020 bonus prizes

The Irish Tarmac Rally Championship is delighted to announce that M-Sport Poland will support the championship’s R2 drivers in 2020 with 3000 EUR available on each event. The prize money comes in the form of parts vouchers and will be allocated after each ITRC event as follows:

  1. If the R2 class winner is in a Ford Fiesta, they will receive 2000 EUR of M-Sport parts vouchers;
  2. If the R2 class runner-up is in a Ford Fiesta, they will receive 750 EUR of M-Sport parts vouchers;
  3. If the R2’s third place finisher is in a Ford Fiesta, they will receive 250 EUR of M-Sport parts vouchers.

The vouchers will be awarded at each Irish Tarmac round and are available for all three homologated variants of the Ford Fiesta R2, representing a huge financial incentive for R2 competitors.

Many of Ireland’s top rally drivers have used M-Sport’s Fiesta R2 during their early careers. Craig Breen and Alastair Fisher both completed WRC Academy campaigns in M-Sport’s first variant of the Fiesta R2. More recently Callum Devine used the Fiesta R2 to compete in the Junior WRC before moving up to the R5 category.

A minimum of six Fiesta R2s must be entered in the rally for the vouchers to be awarded and can only to be used for the purchase of R2 parts in 2020. If a driver swaps to any car other than a Ford Fiesta during the season, any vouchers will become void with the recipient liable to pay the value of vouchers already used.

The Irish Tarmac Rally Championship would like to thank M-Sport Poland for its support of the 2020 championship and looks forward to seeing the rewards benefit its next generation of rally drivers.

TROA chairman, Frank O’Mahony:

“I am pleased to welcome M-Sport Poland’s support to the 2020 championship. Craig Breen and Callum Devine are perfect examples of how the Fiesta R2 can be used to gain a foothold in the rallying ladder. M-Sport’s bonus prizes are a good opportunity to reward and help promote the ability of our talented young drivers.”

M-Sport Poland board member, Maciej Woda:

“The Irish Tarmac Rally Championship R2 category is an exciting and competitive championship. Drivers have to continually push themselves in order to emerge the top R2 category driver thanks to the championship’s demanding stages. We launched the new M-Sport Fiesta R2T at the start of 2019 to offer R2 drivers the best chance at winning their category as they begin to climb M-Sport’s “Ladder of Opportunity”. The latest generation Ecoboost-powered Fiesta R2 also gives young drivers the chance to learn turbo-charged power delivery, similar to the Fiesta R5 Mk II which the Fiesta R2 shares some technology with. The prize package we have put together with ITRC is an extension of that as we are always on the lookout for the next generation of rally talent. Make no mistake about it, this prize is not for the best placed Fiesta. We want to incentivise Fiesta R2 drivers to push for significant results and for those who are successful, we will reward them.”

The Irish Tarmac Rally Championship is looking forward to announcing further incentives for its R2 drivers in the near future.

Adam Hall
Press Officer

Email: troapro@gmail.com